Sunday, 7 December 2008


To Loanna Morrison, selected last week to fight Bermondsey & Old Southwark. Before her selection interview I provided Loanna with a session on speech design and question handling. In her own words:

As you will have heard by now your hard work with me has paid dividends and I am now the PPC for Bermondsey and Old Southwark. I am so grateful that I found you in time to give me that little extra factor that I needed to make the great leap. Thank you so much and I hope I will be seeing lots of you as we work together to help young people get their lives back.

Loanna is of course referring to the wave of knife crime that has blighted the lives of too many young people in Inner London. Mayor Boris Johnson has made dealing with this terrible legacy the key task for his administration.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Satisfied Customer

Here is a testimonial from Karen Bradley, the next MP for Staffordshire Moorlands. Karen was the very first person I worked with and in her own words:

Roger was an invaluable help to me when I was preparing for my selection meetings at Staffordshire Moorlands - both with preparing for making key speeches and question practice. Over a number of sessions, Roger helped me to improve my ability to speak in public - using practical examples and techniques that he'd learned over the years. These helped enormously when it came to the final selection as I was not so worried about how to make the speech and focused more on the content - which is after all what the audience is interested in.

On question practice, Roger really tested the thoughts I had about how I might answer a question and challenged the suggested answers I came up with originally to refine them into answers that addressed the issue and expressed my opinion clearly and succinctly. I have no doubt that the time spent with Roger was one of the key reasons why I was successful in being selected for the seat that I really wanted to represent above all others, Staffordshire Moorlands.

You can read more about Karen's campaign and offer support at .