Tuesday, 7 October 2008

A Satisfied Customer

Here is a testimonial from Karen Bradley, the next MP for Staffordshire Moorlands. Karen was the very first person I worked with and in her own words:

Roger was an invaluable help to me when I was preparing for my selection meetings at Staffordshire Moorlands - both with preparing for making key speeches and question practice. Over a number of sessions, Roger helped me to improve my ability to speak in public - using practical examples and techniques that he'd learned over the years. These helped enormously when it came to the final selection as I was not so worried about how to make the speech and focused more on the content - which is after all what the audience is interested in.

On question practice, Roger really tested the thoughts I had about how I might answer a question and challenged the suggested answers I came up with originally to refine them into answers that addressed the issue and expressed my opinion clearly and succinctly. I have no doubt that the time spent with Roger was one of the key reasons why I was successful in being selected for the seat that I really wanted to represent above all others, Staffordshire Moorlands.

You can read more about Karen's campaign and offer support at http://www.karenbradley.co.uk/ .

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