Sunday, 18 November 2012

Mock Interviews

I used to struggle with interviews. My nerves always got the better of me, I was always asked difficult questions, something always went wrong - interviews became an ordeal and I avoided them.

Then I had a great opportunity. The company I worked for reorganised and had to reinterview all their employees. They needed more assessors to cope with the numbers, so I volunteered. For the first time I discovered what it felt like to be asking the questions, I saw the process from the other side of the table.

Since then I have conducted many interviews in the public and private sector, and I have become a successful interviewee too. I know that to practice your answers you need to be able to predict the interviewer's questions.

And that is why I am offering a limited number of mock interviews, based on my experience on both sides of the table and using six effective techniques:

1. Preparation is essential - learn how to prepare, boost your confidence and most importantly adopt a whole new philosophy before that critical interview.

2. Identify your strengths, and how they match the job description. Focus on what you want them to know about you - and plan how you will tell them.

3. Build rapport right from the first question, without wasting a precious second.

4. Recognise question types - platforms, pitfalls and the rest - and practice your response.

5. Use interview jitsu - where your weaknesses become strengths.

6. And leave them on a high, creating an unforgettable impression.

My time is limited so I want to work with people I know I can help. Are you one of them? To find out, email me at  .

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