Sunday, 14 October 2007

Get Selected

Over the last twelve months I have been helping women to get selected for Parliamentary seats. I do this by providing one to one coaching in one hour sessions, focusing on Question Handling and Speech Design.

Of the twenty or so women I have assisted, some fifteen have now been selected for seats they are going to win at the next election!

"Roger's thoughtful guidance based on his many years of experience were very helpful to me as I prepared for selection meetings." Helen Whately, Conservative Candidate for Kingston & Surbiton. .

" Roger illustrates his advice with valuable, practical examples and he has a relentlessly positive approach to the whole interview process. As a professional politician, he really knows what the selectors are looking for." Jill Skalla, formerly Conservative Candidate for Colchester.

"Roger's first hand experience of selection and interview proceedings means that he has a clear insight into the approach and techniques required to make a positive impact. I am personally very grateful to Roger for his support and I would strongly recommend anyone considering a role in politics, or facing an interview process to make use of Roger's first rate and proven track record of helping people to succeed." Jane Archer, Former Conservative PPC for Walthamstow.

What do I offer?

I provide coaching in question handling - the types of questions selection committees ask, what the committee are looking for, avoiding pitfalls, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations.

I also teach the science of designing knockout speeches - refining the message, getting the audience on your side, making memorable points, using appropriate humour, closing on a high.

Do I just coach women?

No, I am happy to advise anyone who is seeking help and who is serious about making the commitment needed to secure a seat.

Is this only for Parliament?

No, I have also worked with candidates for the London Assembly and for borough councils. The contexts are different but the same rules apply.

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